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Dragon Age Origins Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO & GREY WARDENS (Xbox One Gameplay HD)

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Thought we'd go old school today, 2009! 50 likes & I'll have another Dragon Age video up soon, DO IT. Good to play this game again tho

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What's up guys it's a peck sound and welcome to Dragon Age Origins one of my favorite RPGs of all time that's not an exaggeration I loved the Dragon Age Origins since I played it it's one of my favorite RPGs for sure it's always on my mind and they just announced the three games for Xbox for the month of June and Dragon Age Origins is free for June 16th to the 30th backwards-compatibility via Xbox 360 but we're playing it here on Xbox one right now and I'm just going to start a series on it I just said fuck it I want to play this on my channel we're going to do just a part one anyway see how it does if we hit 50 bikes guys I'm telling you right now if we hit 50 likes on this part I'm going to make this into a full series so let's do it and we don't need to worry about the Xbox 360 storage because we're playing on Xbox one I'm a right boys and the EA servers are no longer available that doesn't matter to me yeah but just randomly I thought I'd turn on my camera will record some Dragon Age Origins and have some fun with it we'll play for half an hour or whatever do a part one and see how it goes if it does well I'll make it into a full series so I drop like let's jump into it right about now new game I should have turned on subtitles right there huh my bad Marvel had perfection for it is fleeting you have brought sin to heaven and doom upon all the world it's a pretty good timing as well because they did just announce that a new Dragon Age is coming and hopefully it gets revealed at e3 that was one of my predictions in my irritation video teaches us that it is the hubris of men which alternative are evil all the majors had sought to usurp. Heaven but instead they destroyed it.

They were cast out twisted and cursed by their own corruption. They're returned as monsters the first of the dogs.

You they became a blight upon the lands unstoppable and with endless the Dwarven.

Kingdoms were the first to fall and from the deep roads the darkspawn drove at us again and again until finally we neared annihilation.

Damn darkspawn.

This game so fucking dope I love it -.

The Grey Wardens game men and women from. Every race warriors and mages barbarians and kings the Grey Wardens sacrificed everything to stem the tide of dogs and prevailed.

Those motherfucking bands so I happily play this game quite before but I haven't played it in a long time and I want to do it on the channel so why not you know it's loud by the way it has been for centuries since that victory and we have kept our vigil we have watched and waited for the dogs want to return but those who once called us heroes have forgotten.

We are few now and our warnings have been ignored for too long.

Take him off the cliff too late what I have seen with my own eyes but lies on the horizon I see to my friends make a.

Helpless way to make her watch over us awesome intro I remember it well and I.

Can't wait to get stuck into this now I'm really high for that new dragon age as well by the way guys so hyped ok so we're going to go with a male character we will select the male I think will go with the human worries.

Are powerful fighters focusing on melee and range weapons to deal with their foes they can done with standard deliver great deal of punishment and have a strong understanding of tactics and strategy specializations for a warrior include Berserker Templar champion and Reaper is mage as well you know what a mages and there's a rogue but I am going to go with the warrior to be a straight warrior and we're going to be a human noble I guess you don't have any options here but that is what we will go with for now and there's our guy and we will name him of course like I did in Dragon Age Inquisition I don't know if any single person not watch my Dragon Age Inquisition series is still here that'd be amazing to me let me know if you do watch my dragon agent because the Inquisition series that'll be funny Robb Stark you know got to go with my boy there's really not that many good haircuts unfortunately guys I guess we'll go with something like that I guess you know so we'll go with that give ourselves a little bit of a rugged beard if we can not a full-on beard like these Jesus Christ it's some full-on shit you can't really even get that okay okay so there's our character pretty much created they're not going nothing too crazy we'll go the how do you do greetings greetings greetings charmed I'm sure creaking will go with the cocky how do you do yeah that's the one that's the one all right now we are done that's our character created there's good old Robb Stark I know it doesn't really look like him but what can you do it's a game from fucking 2000 and whatever it's ancient anyways what it is I think it's like 2007 or some shit.

Our 2009 rather okay strength willpower.

But everything a little bit of our tunning as well points to spend we got one skill to do the character is influential enough to convince others to change their views strength contributes to a more intimidating character whereas cunning contributes to a more persuasive character hmm we'll go with that we'll go a quick okay we'll go at that fucking warrior through the training and hard work the Warriors gain greater health and reduce the fatigue template yes I don't care about anything else that's yes why he tries to make each attack down sacrificing okay we got our three weapon and shields probably the one I'm going to go with most I would say it's a bluff there's a lot of two-handed stuff here too for now before I even decide that I'm just going to go with this one as well.

Okay we're just going to go with normal difficulty I don't wanna play on hard or extra hard or anything like that summon wolf the Ranger calls a great forest wolf to fight alongside the party oh yeah that's my kind of thing I fucking love wolves evaluations your family the coos --lens has stewarded the lands of high ever earning the lower Alexander defense of darkness and temperance when your.

Country was occupied by the oles Ian Empire your father and grandfather served the embattled kings of your land today your elder brother takes up house kuzmin's manor in service to the crown not against the minimal leg but against the beast you darkspawn rising in the south I trust their mental troops will be here shortly I expect they will start arriving tonight and we can march tomorrow I apologize for the delay my lord this is entirely my fault no no the appearance of the darkspawn in the South has us all scrambling doesn't it I only received the call from the king a few days ago myself I'll send my eldest off with my men you and I will ride tomorrow just like the old days true that we both had less gray and our hair then and we fought Oh lesions not monsters at least the smell will be the. Same I'm sorry pop I didn't see you there how you remember my son I see he's grown that dark right there young man pleased to see you again that my.

Daughter Delilah asked after you perhaps I should bring her next time good she.

Goes on about your prowess as a warrior I think you have an admirer a young man anyway that pays homage you for a reason while your brother and I are both away I'm leaving you in charge of the castle.

Furgus is our brothers name I remember that that's my dad's name now that's.

What I'd like to I'll do my best finally a token force is remaining here and you must keep peace in region you know what they say about mice when the cat is away try make decisions based like Rises someone you must meet please show Duncan II it is an honor to.

Be a guest within your Hall tearing coolant your lordship you didn't mention that a Grey Warden would be present Duncan arrived just recently unannounced is there a problem of course not but a guest of this stature demands certain protocol I am at a disadvantage.

We rarely have the pleasure of seeing one person that's true but brother elders taught you to the Grey Wardens article they are the heroes of legend who ended the blight and saved us all Duncan is looking for recruits before joining us and his fellow wardens in the south I believe he's got his eye on sir Gilmore if I might be so bold I would suggest that your son is also an excellent candidate honor though that might be this is one of my sons we're talking about you did just finish saying.

That Grey Wardens are heroes old Carol I have not so many children and I'll gladly see them all off to battle unless you intend to invoke the Rite of conscription have no fear well we need as many good recruits as we can find I have no intention of forcing the issue pub can you ensure that Duncan's requests are seemed - while I'm gone in. The meantime find Fergus and tell him to lead the troops - ostagar ahead of me. Upstairs miss chambers no doubt spending some last moments with his wife and my grandson be a good lad and do as I've asked we'll talk soon we're ready all right now I can finally turn on subtitles I apologize for that guys the whole cutscene none of them had subtitles that's my bad I forgot to turn them on at the start we will do so now subtitles I just always I'll have cut sometimes done always and oh I didn't mean to do that my bad. Sode I'm dr. Duncan I believe your father wishes to talk to the RO and myself alone your father has left you in.

Charge of the castle then I will see you at dinner tomorrow if not sooner as do i. Until then all right good shit let's go find Fergus he's upstairs in his chambers apparently man I missed this game just playing it already right now giving me goosebumps I'm hyped as hell to get into this again that's not the way is it tell us where to go oh it is okay it's it this way let's go Mario.

Movements are definitely old-school this is an Xbox 360 game you guys got to remember you are your mother told me to turn had summoned you so I didn't want to interrupt pardon my man is my lord it's simply that I've been looking all over the castle this is our fee on gradually your hound has the kitchens in uproar once again and is threatening to leave no.

Matter how the maids tried to keep him out she always finds a way our boy loves the lardo barri hounds they listen only to their master anyone else risks having an arm bitten off.

That would be wise before nan tears down the walls you're quite lucky to have your own Mubarak War hound you know smart enough not to talk my father used to say of course that means he's easily bored now and swears he can found her just to amuse himself at any rate your mother would have me accompany you until the matter is settled shall we just.

Follow the yelling when that is unhappy she makes sure everyone knows it all right we'll go get the dog and then we'll go talk to our brother we'd go get the dog you first because we want our companion you know our minbari war hound I hear him we can hear a scream get that.

Bloody mutt out of the larder but mistress it won't let us near if I can't get into that ladder skin both of you useless elves I swear it calm down good woman we've come to help Jesus you and you your bloody mongrel keeps getting into my larder that beef should be put down.

If I locked it any tighter we couldn't get in oh dear mistress calm down please that's it I'll quit inform the colonel I'll go and cook it some nice estate in the banal and please we'll get the dog calm down just get him gone either not to worry about with a castle full of hungry soldiers you two stop standing there like idiots get out of the way she's a psycho psycho nan hey buddy.

Hahaha what a legend oh look at that.

Mess how did he even getting you he's.

Excited I just seem like he's trying to.

Tell you something wait do you hear that Oh what is happening oh well I'm gonna. Have to call him I would you know what we're just gonna call him gray went screwy we gotta call him Grayland if we're Rob stark you gotta come I was going to call him my own dog's name which is saber but we'll call and gray went boom like the night.

Oh yeah right I love the dogs boom giant.

Rats get rekt join rats it's like the start of every bad adventure tale my grandfather used to tell butter all over him in through their holes looks like he wasn't raiding the ladder after all I've seen larger they come up.

From the kakari wild sometimes but thing is you've got Yuma Bari well in hand I'll be on my way I'm to prepare for the arrival of more of the old men all right to go talk to our brother then my gray wind let's go buddy there he is as brazen as you please licking his chops after helping himself to the roast no doubt what not the large green ones there to rip you to shreds they will see now you've gone and scared the servants I expect those filthy things are dead my.

Faith or war on Richard I bet that dog let those rats into there to begin with ha ha come on Donovan really great start with the sad eyes I'm immune to your so-called charms.

Here then take these pork bits and don't say that man never gives you anything the humor in this game is great now we can get to work that's right you two quit standing about I definitely want to.

Make this into a full series go so smash that motherfucking life button even if it doesn't get that many views if it gets a load of likes I'll be super happy if we get 50 likes on this part I'll make sure to make this into a full series no matter how many views we're getting or late last year Marcus you gave it to him with drunk I understand and mr. price for the king ah it is my younger son I take it by the presence of that troublesome Hound of yours the situation in the kitchen is handled Yes Mother naah marvelous just the things my guests are here right before dinner darling remember lady lag drops and Lawrence's wife I think we last met at your mother's spring salon you're too kind dear boy didn't I spend half the salon shamelessly flirting with you right in front of your family too you remember my son dying I believe you two spot in the last Tony can't you beat me handily as I recall it's good to see you again Lord and this is my lady-in-waiting Iona do you say something dear it is great honor my lord I have heard many wonderful things about you don't look now Eleanor but I believe the girl has a crush on your land Amanda everyone has a crush on me I'm Ralph on the fucking Stark what are you gonna do.

As it pleases you I think perhaps I shall rest ma'am I did diamond I will see you in iron Heights supper perhaps we'll retire to the study for now told you we're gonna get some good.

Evening all right mother I need to go see brother so I'll talk to you later you'll find Jon Snow you'll find Jon Snow that's Caitlin I don't need to find. Jon Snow is in here are you daft goddamn broke are you deaf no I'm not deaf I like to think I'm not deaf yo what's up Fergus that sword Orin I'll get you the.

Mightiest one I can find I promise I'll be back before you know it I wish victory was indeed so certain I hearted disquiet don't frighten the boy love I speak the truth and here's my little brother to see me off now dry your eyes love and wish me well.

Years as mortal as anyone despite his refusal to believe now love no need to be grim I wish you could come it'll be.

Tiring killing all those darkspawn myself surely your father would not place both his heirs in danger mother and father have been fighting about it for days it's too bad I could have used you at my side if it's any consolation.

I'm sure I'll freeze in the southern rain be completely jealous of you up here warm and safe I am positively thrilled that you will be so miserable.

Then the Owls men are delayed you think his men are all walking backwards well I'd better get underway so many darks born to behead so little time off we go then I'll see you soon my love I would have dear boy that you plan to wait for us before taking your leave be well my son I will pray for your safety every day you walk on.

I keep the vial Darkspore will ever best me you make a sustained and preserve us all watch over our sons husbands and fathers and bring them safely back to us and bring us some ale and wenches while you're at it now for the men of course Fergus you would say this in front of your mother what's that way is that what you put on to get Misaki out of the well a wench is a woman that paws the Ale in a tavern Orin or a woman who drinks a lot of ale hi makers breath I swear it's like living with a pack of small boys I'll miss you mother dear you'll take care of her brother won't you oh good.

How thrilling to know I'm so well taken care of enough hit enough up you'll want.

To get an early night you have much to do tomorrow all right we have much to do and little time let's go have our rest poison making definitely enjoying playing this again the man I fucking love this game I kids up there definitely my top 5 or PG s of all time I would say there with The Witcher 3 here we go.

Gray would know something's up.

My boys healthy the castle is under attack oh goodness attack it.


Come on die bitch one you want them to.

Archer art the fuckin attacks are so.

Slow you.

Hope you can switch to the dog but I now.

We're playing as our boy gray wind how did my boy do raehwan you gotta press that to switch it easy easy stuff alright darling I had fighting outside my fear the worst are you hurt The Scream woke me up there.

Were men in the hall so I borrowed the door did you see their shield those are house men why would they attack us.

You don't think house men were delayed on purpose Oh cut his line throat myself have you.

Seen your father he never came to bed we.

Must find him damn it I most certainly.

Will not I am no orlesian Wallflower give me a sword and I'll use it now let's go all right she doesn't want to stay clearly huh let's love ourselves up here.

Okay we'll go with the weapon and shield one here what does this go with that.

That could be fun all right good stuff.

All right let's loot these guys take all.

Take off and I'll let's get the hell out of here people we're going out to this door oh god the ball get knocked down.

What she's working banging by the birth mother so she's an archer while you got beheaded boom get knocked down alright.

Good stuff they're all dead we're good okay let's get the hell out.

Of here god this was a bad ransacking we.

Got here guys can you do the fighting fine father I am NOT made of porcelain.

We are already in danger now let's do something about it I can't eat happily and while honesty I have my Treasury key will you go there.

First and take the cushioned sword from the vault if anything is worth fighting to keep out of house hands if that sword it may be a dangerous path.

Listen darling we haven't much time if we can't find your father you must get out of here alive without you and focus the entire Kusum line dies here house men are inside things already control the castle we would use the servants entering the ladder to escape do you hear me then let us be Swift.

Alright let's go let's go with her plan she seems wise Creek can go the consulate Buland I'm getting out of here standing fight coward that's exactly what I'll do say yes my lord here here they come he's landed five.


Oh over here.

Oh they gone fine it got home to come.

Down come on stem how soldiers got them.

Gray with Gillis Freddy Archer try playing his mother for a little bit okay.

Which question we want to be going towards they're all down this way.

Right away.

I don't like telling us the archer I'll be honest plays the dog plays your boy great win that's the bet to take on the other wolf get right I'm going straight.

For him come on come on gray wind you got him last one get the Archer I love how fast he is to get it thrown at them super fuckin stuff beautiful okay back this.

Way is it let's go this way I guess no.

Okay we're getting close to the Treasury the coulombs dad we blade lies inside use that key I gave you that blade cannot fall into House hands what do you mean you're coming with us.

Okay Treasuries or here it is the family.

Chest equip this shit we want to level.

Up to.

Damn into that all right so you just got.

New swords and stuff why can I not use. This shield the shield of high ever why can I not use that requires 20 strength. Okay so we need 20 strength until we can use that we can get that pretty soon though because I do want to do that for sure okay now we're ready to go we got so. Much stuff in here so much gear it's crazy like the mob son of a bitch how I'm son.

I keep missing I don't want that in my.

Days in the cell why would I want to do a back ok down this way in here.

Come on sir Gilmore.

You haven't been locking on to the target which is really I need to lock on more for sure all right come on back here you bitch get right.

They're all dead okay go man the gates keep those bastards out as long as you can oh shit my lord your bug for life I was. Certain house man had gotten through he.

Was looking for you too he told us to hold the hall as long as possible when I realized what was happening it was all either do to shut the gate but they won't keep Hausman out long if you've another way out of the castle use it quickly I've no idea you don't think.

He's involved in this biggie perhaps he was sent to kill Christ oh dear have you seen him when I last saw the turn he'd been badly wounded I asked him not to go but he was determined to find you he went towards the kitchen I believe he thought to find you at the servants exit in the larder bless you subpoena make her watch over you make her what's over us all so Gilmore sacrificing his life for the cause here guys let's go got to.

Find their father.

Come on you scum get knock down wood.

Good stuff good stuff guys good stuff all right still fine table come on father Oh God that lock yeah this is our homes.

Come back play as our boy again play the.

Doggy you got a party come on get right.

There no night come back now let's go.

Come on up this way no stock in here Lee.

Oh God the two servants are dead that's.

Not good that's not a good sign Oh God father please yeah he broked off I was.

Right wondering when you would get there make.

His blood what's happening you're bleeding house mend found me first almost didn't.

He him right there. You can't get away with this the king.

Right will never get you out of here I I. Won't survive standing I think ah my boy.

If only we'll could make it so once house men break through the gate they will find us we must go someone rich.

Buggers tell him what has happened.

Right wish I could Oh price no the servants.

Passage is right here we can flee together find your healing magic the castle is surrounded god damn it papa make it I'm afraid the turn is correct house men have not yet discovered this exit but they surround the castle getting passed would be difficult you are Dunkleman the Grey Warden yes your ladyship the turn and I tried to reach you sooner my younger son helped me get here make her be praised I am not surprised.

Whatever three done now it must be quick they are coming uncle you are under no obligation to be but I beg you take my wife and son to safety I will your lordship but I fear I must ask for something in return anything what is happening here our pales in comparison to the evil now roots in this world I came to your castle seeking a recruit the darkspawn threat demands that I leave with one eye I understand.

You fought your way to me through house men I think the makers intention is clear I will take the Turner and your son to ostagar to tell Fergus and the King what happened then your son joins the Grey Wardens so long as justice comes down I agree.

But I offer you a place within the Grey Wardens fight with us.

We must leave quickly then writer are you sure aiex our son would not die of house treachery you will live and make his mark on the world darling go with Duncan you have a better chance to escape without me I don't know harsh Brice I'll kill every bastard that comes through that door to buy them time but I won't abandon you.

My place is at your father at his side today and beyond not like this mama sub sorry it's come to this one we had a good life and it all we could it's up to our children now they're gone.

Morning brother.

You do us proud they've broken through the gates we must go now goodbye daddy.

Goddamnit that's fucked up man I remember that I remember that moment I was crying I'm not crying I'm not crying. Heroic accomplishments darks are vermin killed 18th see I'm a boss killed 18 vermin we will be traveling south through the hinterlands to the ruin of ostagar on the edges of the kakari wilds the tevinter imperium built ostagar long ago to prevent the Wilders from invading the northern lowlands it's fitting we make our stand here even if we face a different foes in that forest the Kings forces have clashed with a darkspawn several times but here is where the bulk of the Horde will show itself there are only a few Grey Wardens within Ferelden at the moment but all of us are here this blight must be stopped here and now if it spreads to the north Ferelden will fall oh there Duncan our Dodger game with us yes I didn't expect her a royal welcome I was beginning to worry you'd miss all the fun not if I could help it your majesty then I'll have the mighty Duncan at my side in battle after all glorious the other warden told me you'd found a promising recruit I take it this is he allow me to introduce you your majesty no need Duncan you are Bryce's youngest are you not I don't think we've ever actually met.

Your brother has already arrived at hi Evers men but we are still awaiting your father.

Dad what do you mean Duncan do you know.

Anything about this Terran coastland and his wife are dead your majesty our house has shown himself a traitor and overtaken high of a castle and we not escaped he would have killed us and told you any story he wished I can scarcely believe it how could he think he could get away with such treachery as soon as we are done here I will turn my army north and bring out injustice you have my word no doubts you wish to see your brother unfortunately he and his men are scouting in the wild. Not until the battle is over I fear until then we cannot even send word when you go see em guys but there's nothing more I can do all I can suggest is to event your grief against the darkspawn for the time being.

I'm sorry to cut this short but I should return to my tent Loghain waits eagerly to bore me with his strategies your uncle sends his greetings and reminds you that Red Cliff forces could be here in less than a week Amon just wants in on the glory we've won three battles against these monsters and tomorrow should be no different I'm not even sure.

This is a true blight there are plenty of darkspawn on the field but alas we've seen no sign of an Archdemon disappointed your majesty I'd hoped for a war like in the tales get a king riding with the fabled Grey Wardens against a tainted God but I suppose this will have to do because I want to go before Loghain send out a search party farewell brave wardens farewell Akane.

Farewell what the case said is true they want several battles against the darkspawn here.

Despite the victory so far the darkspawn horde grows larger with each passing day by now they look to out numbers I know there is an Archdemon behind this but I cannot ask the king to act solely on my feeling.

Yes we should proceed with the ritual feel free to explore the camp here as you wish all I ask is that you do not leave it for the time being there is another grey warden in the camp by the name of Alistair when you're ready seek him out and tell him it's time to summon the other recruits your hound can stay with me while I attend to some business the Grey Warden tent is on the other side of this bridge you will find us there should you need - sounds good to me and that's where we're going to wrap up part number one if you do want to see this as a full series just remember to drop a like I super appreciate it and yeah I enjoy playing that immensely I'd definitely be down to make this into a full series or at least do a few more parts and see where we go from there but thanks for watching and I'll see you guys later peace out

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