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Lego Racers 2 [#19] - Xalax All Bonus Games || Walkthrough

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Walkthrough: Lego Racers 2

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Xalax: The characters could be purchased from the "LEGO Racers" line, but the world does not resemble any particular sets. This world is a dome full of cheering fans and features a volcano in the middle of a lava lake, a jump, a loop, and a tunnel which you may drive upside-down in. Xalax is unique in that for each race the landscape changes. The racers are the Ramas Lightor, Warrior, Shred, Ghost, Freeze, Chill, Snake. Shortcut: go around the loop instead of on it, then back into the checkpoint.


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Walkthrough - Let's play in 21:9 - Ultrawide - 3440x1440 - 60 FPS

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